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Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
Server and Main Frame Equipment


We can handle all installation and cable needs for any project!


PC, Mac and Workstation Solutions

Service Area:
AXiom Networks inc. contract on-site projects from Burbank to Goleta and some surrounding areas.

On and Off Site Service

Co-location and Management:
We have the ability to locate all of your IT needs on our premises and provide you with on-line access to manage your data, or we can manage it for you.

All DNS, E-Mail & Web Hosting provided on Tier 1 DS3 Connectivity.

ASP - Terminal Server Hosting - Application Hosting
We take the utmost care to ensure that each job is suited to the customer's specific needs. Once you're satisified, we're satisified and commited to an on-going relationship with quality customer care and attention to detail. Professional attention is what you deserve, and we are here to deliver!

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